Wet and bumpy ride for Nick Barnes at Keighley

Nick Barnes reported in from the latest round of the Yorkshire Points competition.

“On the Sunday when I arrived I decided to get a few laps in before the Youths started, the course was as interesting as always with a lot of elevation change and some wooded sections.

“I was undecided on which bike to use as one had my wheels in and the other had the Cole T38 Lite, with tubs I had only just stuck 2 days before, However as it drew close to the race it began to rain.

“So I made the decision to use my wheels as I did not want to roll the tubs on my new wheels. At the start of the race, I made my usual quick getaway for the first few hundred yards until surprise visitor Paul Oldham took over.

“The first part of the race was the worst for me, as I had not ridden a wet Cross race for a long time, I was riding terribly going to hot into corners and generally getting my lines wrong. Then Ian Taylor, winner of the Vets race 45 minutes before, took advantage and left me for dead.

“Once I had put myself on the floor I took the time to slow down and focus a little more, as I did not want to break the bikes, I began to get my lines right and close down on Ian Taylor. However, I quickly realised I did not have the legs to keep going for the remaining 40 minutes of the race at that pace, so I slowed down a little.

“For the next 5-6 laps it was just a grind until my dad, in the pits, informed me that Ian was beginning to tire. So I ramped the pace a little more. Within three laps I had closed the gap from around 40 seconds to 15 on the bell lap. However, to my misfortune Ian had seen my coming and on the last lap gauged the gap to ensure I wouldn’t catch him. So all in all, the race was hard, wet and not quite the race for me.”


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