Junior rider Dylan Kerfoot-Robson claims first Elite/Senior win in Geoff Bewley Memorial


Raleigh / Marsh Tracks RT cyclocross rider Dylan Kerfoot-Robson secured his first senior victory in round eight of the North West League, the Geoff Bewley Memorial, at Otterspool Park in Liverpool on Saturday. Dylan writes:

“Today was my first ever elite/senior category win and it wasn’t an easy one. I was gridded middle of the 3rd row but I soon got my way to the front by doing a slightly kamikaze move up the inside on the first hairpin moving me up to 4th position. I knew I was either going to move up a lot of places or cause a spectacular crash but as we were head straight into a tight and technical wooded section I knew that I had to be at the front, and luckily the move came off and soon after I found myself in 1st position. I then knew I couldn’t ease up so I started to settle down into a strong rhythm, which was sprinting out of corners maintaining that speed on the flat and staying up on the slimy corners. I was caught out a few times on the first lap by the slimy surface caused by the super heavy but very short rain shower 10 minutes before the start of the race, coming out of one corner I found myself drifting for about 10 metres I managed to dab a foot down quickly to sort it out before I came off.

“A few laps in I had pulled out a 30 second lead over Giles Drake, but then through one of the wooded section a big piece of metal wrapped itself around my wheel and tyre. At first I thought I had ripped off my rear mech but thankfully I hadn’t. I don’t know how I managed to bend this metal bar enough to get it off my wheel but I did and amazingly nothing was broken. By the time I had got back on Giles was only 10 seconds behind me.

“As soon as I was back riding I dug even harder than before and managed to pull out a few seconds every lap, I was helped along by the amazing agility of the RX Team bike and the light weight of the bike as a whole as I was able to fly down all the muddy slippery descents and also bunnyhop the hurdles. This was definitely a factor in my success as the bike never once felt like it was slowing me down but wanting to go faster and faster the Cole wheels accelerated like a bullet and the Schwalble Rocket Rons dealt with a lot but they were amazing and I could easily tell where the limits of grip were and they just wanted to be pushed to that limit and when they were there they were predictable and filled me with confidence.

“By the time I got to the line I had re-built up my 30 second lead and with a slight wobble jumping the hurdles for the final time I cross the line and was extremely happy to have won my first ever elite/senior race. I would like to thank Raleigh for selecting me to represent their incredible brand and for supporting me with the very best and latest cyclo cross equipment and bikes.”


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