Unlucky Kerfoot-Robson pipped to second in Milton Keynes National Trophy round

Dylan Kerfoot-Robson was on course for a win in the recent National Trophy Milton Keynes round, but then nature got in the way. Dylan writes…
“I was feeling a bit under the weather but I knew I still had a good chance I just had to be careful not to go too far into the red to early in the race as I knew I wouldn’t recover.
“So off the start I deliberately took a bit easier than normal but I knew I still needed to be in a good position. I was about 5th at the end of the start straight but after the first couple of corners and avoiding a crash there was a group slipping away at the front of the race, so on one of the short steep climbs I just squeezed on a bit and all the way through the transition to put myself in that lead group.
“Once I got there things seemed to ease off no one wanted to take up the front, it was kind of a track sprint with a lot of riders keeping their powder dry. I knew that I didn’t want to tow a group of about 5 around so I squeezed on and dropped a few riders until there were only 3 of us left.
“We then shared the work load pretty equally for the next few laps, although once again this started to break down again about 2 or 3 laps from the finish. This allowed the 4th place rider to very nearly catch us, once I saw he was only a few seconds off our group I put my head down and rode off the front with Jack. We then extended our lead all the way until the line.
“Coming into the last lap Jack was leading and was trying to put me under pressure by squeezing on the steep rams up, so I just had to remain calm and stay on his wheel.

“The RX Race was perfect for these steep climbs followed but off camber corners the lightweight meant it was a dream to cruise or sprint up each of the hills, very helpful during this race as there were lots of these sort of hills every lap so it helped save a lot of energy over the course of the 40 minutes.

“Also the geometry of the RX Race gave me lots of confidence to ride every corner quickly but safely and still have plenty of speed on the way out, meaning I didn’t have to accelerate like a mad man out of every corner, which again was essential today as if that would have been the case I would have been fighting for 4,5 or 6 place, not the win.

“Coming into the run up a set of stairs on the final lap Jack I think knew I was going to beat him if it came down to a sprint so I think he was quite cunning in his dismounting. It left me with nowhere to go so I hit the only tree on the course which was extremely frustrating but that’s racing I suppose.

“By the time I was up the stairs and back on the bike Jack had 5 or 6 seconds on me and as there was only a couple of minutes racing left and the gap between me and him filled by a couple of slow back markers it was all he needed to ride away and take the win.

“I was quite annoyed to see him 100 metres further down the finish straight with his hands in the air but I knew there wasn’t anything else I could have done  and I just have to learn from this and move onto Bradford in two weeks.”

To view the Raleigh RX Race bike that Dylan is riding visit our Cyclocross page at Raleigh.co.uk.


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